The Victorian Market

The annual themed Victorian Market returns with a unique array of handmade goods, gifts and outdoor stalls.

Outdoor Food Stalls & Santa’s Postbox.

Scottish Food & Craft Market

2016 Oban Winter Festival St. Andrews Day celebrations, the sixth annual Scottish Food & Craft Market will take place as part of the festival celebrations.

With live music throughout the day, cookery demonstration, Christmas Wreath making workshop, Children’s entertainer and hot food on sale – make sure you do not miss out!

Time, location and further information will be available shortly.

This year there is a wide range of workshops available these include:
The Seinn Gàidhlig/Gaelic Singing Workshop where you are invited to come along and learn some Gaelic songs. You don’t need to speak Gaelic or have a good voice to participate!

The Lantern Workshop

The Wreath Workshop

Please check our calendar for dates and more information on all workshops.

Our Victorian marketplace will take you back to a bygone time of the British Empire and Queen Victoria, sample and buy a selection of goods from this historical era and maybe even catch a glimpse of Queen Victoria hersef!

There will also be a Victorian Market Raffle with some great yesteryear prizes.

Please check our calendar for dates and more information on all events.

Homemade crafts will be on sale from various stalls in the marketplace including chocolates, wreaths, soaps and much more.

There is also a chance to get involved and show off your craft making skills with the Winter Wonderland where children and adults can try their hand at crafting festive Christmas trees a joint event run by both Stramash and the Forestry Commission Scotland.

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