OWF is a charitable organisation committed to the delivery of a community led annual winter festival.

We are committed to the Scottish governments Fair Work Policy.
The people who work/volunteer for us are treated equally where a culture of collaboration is encouraged to meet our aim to provide a quality experience.

The 5 principles of Fair Work that OWF use to meet our Fair Work objectives are:

Effective voice – opportunity to provide ideas, listen to our community and be able to make a difference.

  • Regular engagement partner organisations.

  • Regular engagement with service providers.

Opportunity – access to fair work, supported volunteering for all.
Security – fair contracts paying living wage.

  • Fair and inclusive volunteer opportunities.

  • Fair recruitment with our suppliers.

Fulfilment – opportunity to use skills and take responsibility.

  • Support our vendors/ service providers to have sense of belonging in the delivery of Oban Winter Festival.

  • Give opportunity to our volunteers to gain new skills and have pride in what is achieved.

Respect – respectful relationships at all levels.

  • Everyone working or volunteering with OWF are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity and all have personal responsibility to ensure that they treat others in a way they would expect to be treated themselves.